Monday, July 21, 2014

About Dogs

I've wanted to post this for a long time, but haven't due to sheer fear and the inevitable backlash.
I'm not a dog person.
That's a lie.
I love all animals. I love penguins, and giraffes, and bunnies and bears and deer and fox especially. But, what I really love is cats.
I have my reasons and they would all sound insignificant and almost insane to write about on a blog.
I even love dogs, but mostly just the big ones that you can play catch with in the park and knock you over when you're little because they love you so darn much they must lick your face every time they see you. I like those kinds of dogs.
So, when a little yappy thing nearly took a chunk out of my leg last month I really wasn't surprised.
It must have known I was a cat person.

The end.

Love, Cami

Friday, July 18, 2014

Buffalo Bill and Me

Howdy, friends!  (That was my attempt to sound really American.) 

While many of you are getting ready for RED HOT Friday night plans, I'm watching Matt do homework and making a deLISHes dinner! Sometimes I'm a good wife. Well, actually, it's a brand new recipe so we'll so how good it ends up tasting. 
Anywho, I thought that while I let the onions simmer and the fish bake, I would catch everyone up on the adventure our Fourth of July vacation turned out to be. (Please bless dinner NOT to burn while I'm writing this!) 

Matt's mom is from the teeny, tiny town of Cody, Wyoming. Population 9520. Okay, so I guess it's not really a teeny, tiny town, but it IS an adorable tourist spot. For those of you who don't know, Cody was named about the one and only Buffalo Bill Cody. That's right! Buffalo Bill of Buffalo Bill's Wild West! Please tell me someone else knows what that is! 

Well, we got to drive through Yellowstone on the way up there and I could have died right then and there and been happy. I'm one of those people that get's emotional and existential about nature.
"Who am I?" 
"What is my purpose in this life?" 
"Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?" 
Matt has learned quickly to hand me a box of tissues and continue driving. Despite my runny eyes, I managed to take some BEAUTIFUL pictures. I have never been all the way through the park. Did you know there's a lake in Yellowstone? It's not even a small lake. I mean this thing is HUGE and delicious to look at. I'll prove it. 

Do you see that? MMM... I'm obsessed. 

Here's a picture of my face and the lake. 

See, I really like nature.

Friday morning we woke up early and went to the parade. You can't beat the festivities of an All-American Town. 

We are never on the same track when taking pictures. He pulls a face, so I pull a face, but he isn't pulling a face anymore. It's a trial. 

We finished the day by hugging Polar Bears and doing attractive things in front of a teepee.

I love America. 


P.S. >>>>
What did you do for Independence day? I probably should have taken some pictures of fireworks or something, but instead I spilled orange Popsicle on my white shorts and had to wear my ugly jean ones for the rest of the day. "George just lucky I guess."


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Carnivals, Conferences, and Hot 'N Juicy Crawfish

Wow, welcome back everyone! Sorry I've been MIA for so long. Let me start out by apologizing for the poor picture quality. Iphones sure are cute, but not always the best for photography.

The past few weeks for Matt and I have been CRAZY!

Mid-June meant the Strawberry Days Festival in my hometown. Let's just say there were lots of strawberries and cream, carnival rides (that we watched but did not participate in. Getting old is rough) and catching up with old friends. Call me a bad Pleasant Grove-ian, but I've actually never been to the carnival before. My mom has this thing about crowds and over-priced goodies. Now I know where she was coming from!

This is the ONE and ONLY picture I got from Strawberry Days. I'm kind of a lame face, obviously, and the colors were all way off so that's why it's not in color. If you use your imagination you just might see the Ferris Wheel in the background! 

The end of June took us to our old stomping ground- the big LV. Matt had a work conference down there that I got to help out with... for a small price of course--> 
*spear* means spare. Words are hard.

You read that right, my beautiful people! Matt promised to get me a kitty when we get a house. You'll be happy to know that I did hold up my end of the deal and didn't complain or say mean things about myself. You also should know that the asterisk in the text was connected to "Sentence may change with circumstance." That kid. I swear. He's hilarious. 

The conference actually ended up being a blast. Not like a surprise-we-get-Disneyland-all-to-ourselves-and-all-of-the-food-is-free kind of blast, more like a this-is-new-exciting-and-slightly-terrifying kind of blast. But, hey, a blast is a blast, right? 

They are such goofs. 
After the conference the BMOC (big man on campus) took all of the staff to a little restaurant in Vegas called Hot 'N Juicy Crawfish. Imagine no utensils, plastic bags full of steaming hot POUNDS of seafood, and smelling like Cajun for at least two weeks and you get the picture. It's an experience to be had, that's for sure. 

Okay, so let's hear it! What have you guys been up to? Am I the only one that can't do carnival rides anymore? I get nauseous just thinking about them. There was that one ride that has you stand around the outside and the force of gravity sucks you against the wall so you won't fall out. That just looks like an accident waiting to happen! 

Any fun, crazy adventures this summer? After all, isn't that what summer is for? 

Love, Cami

SPOILER- Matt and I have been up to something very exciting, but you'll just have to check in later for more details on that!