Friday, April 10, 2015

Some things never change

Old News-
  •  Crap-tastic skin. I have never had such horrible skin in my life. Not even as a pre-pubescent teenager did I have to worry about zits like I do now. My face is splotchy and oily and just yuck. No thank you, pregnancy glow, no thank you. 

  • Acid reflux. Honestly since about 18 weeks I've had this problem mostly under control. But, occasionally, as a rude reminder that it's still around, I'll have boiling hot lava trying to break through my esophagus and kill me. It's really a neat experience. 

  • Moving. In general, I don't waddle, but do not make me get off of the couch, roll out of bed, or sit on the floor without taking into consideration that I do not bend anymore. I'm like one of those fat puppies that can't roll over because they're chubby rolls are in the way. It's not quite as adorable as that, however. Matt's been a real good sport about pulling me up and off of things. True love exists. 

So, that's it. This is where I'm at and with the exception of some mild panic at the soon arrival of this sweet baby girl, I think I'm doing okay. Some days aren't fun... at all, but that's life. So many people have asked if I'm just ready to be done already, and honestly, being pregnant has been kind of a grand adventure. There have been ups and downs. There have been days that getting out of bed has been a serious challenge. I've wished I could sleep on my stomach. But, most of the time I feel good. I actually forget that I'm pregnant more often than I should until I spill my cereal on my watermelon tummy and remember that I'm growing a human. I would take better skin and a closet full of clothes that fit, but that comes back. I'm only going to be pregnant with this little person this one time. Maybe my next pregnancy I'll throw up the entire time or maybe I'll have flawless skin. I'm just trying to take things one day at a time and be grateful for each second I have of this special bonding with my baby. It's not always easy, but it's absolutely worth it. Here's to hoping she stays in until I have her nursery finished. 


Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Bad and Ugly

New and NOT fun things-
  • Swollen ankles. What the heck? I have gone my entire pregnancy with zero swelling- no sausage fingers, cankles, pregnancy face, NOTHING. Then, this week happened. BAM! My poor little feet feel so sad! I was actually so emotional about it on Tuesday (the first real day I had swelling) that I almost had a meltdown at work. You can thank the pregnancy hormones for that. 

  • No room for food. I mentioned above that it's great not having to worry about food babies, but the truth is, there is no room for a food baby. I would like to blame my sister for this. I had been in eating mode for weeks until she asked me on Saturday if I had a hard time eating full meals because the baby was squashing my stomach. I proudly told her no. The next day, I couldn't eat barely anything. My pre-pregnancy body thanks you, Amanda.

  • Late night pee sessions. I really can't complain. I wake up maybe once a night for a bathroom run ever since I was about 32 weeks. Not too shabby, right? Right. Still, super inconvenient when you're having dreams about hanging out with One Direction (yes, I am twelve years old. You can blame pregnancy hormones for that one, too).

This is a shorter list than I expected to write. To be honest, yeah, there are some other things that aren't so fun to be dealing with, like the awkward position in which I have to sit to tie my shoes or the fact that she likes to play punching bag with my gallbladder, but hey, I'm growing a human! That's kind of amazing. 

Fingers crossed my feet go back to normal after I have her!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

ONE MONTH to go and some lists

Monday was my official ONE MONTH mark! 

Take that in for a minute. 

ONE MONTH and I'm going to be a Mom. I am so freaked out and excited I don't know what to do with myself. 

Can you believe how fast this pregnancy has flown? I realized today that I have been really pretty awful about documenting everything that has happened and changed and stopped, etc, etc. I feel like my mind is so full of baby doings that I can't hardly form a full sentence anymore. I think they call this pregnancy brain. 

I originally wrote a post full of all of the "stuff" that I'm experiencing right now, but TBH (too be honest, I just found out what that stands for and I'm trying to fit in with the cool kids, so I thought I'd use it) it was kind of overwhelming to read. I wanted to update you on how I'm doing, what's new, what's old, what's awful, etc. But, because I love you guys, I decided to break it up into three separate posts. 


New and fun things- 
  • Baby showers. I love baby showers. There is something entirely more fun about a baby shower than any other kind of shower, or party for that matter. Everything is miniature! It's cute and soft and ruffled! And the toys- oh my heck- don't get me started! I've gotten the most adorable trinkets and dolls and bunnies, so many bunnies! I've been totally spoiled with what I've received and couldn't be more grateful for the incredibly giving people in my life. This baby is going to be so spoiled!

  • You never have a food baby, because you have a real baby. Seriously, you never know if you feel big because baby had a growth spurt or because you ate an entire steak burrito with tortilla chips! And, who cares!? You're growing a little human! 

  • My hair finally decided to act like I'm pregnant and has gotten intensely thick over the past month. Some people would think this is a bad thing, and it does make blow drying take extra long, but I feel kind of like a super model. Do super models have thick hair? 

  • Baby kicks... and punches... and dance parties. This baby LOVES to move! All day long she practices her contemporary dance moves and makes this momma so happy. Unfortunately my dance skills are lacking so I'm sure her technique is terrible, but it's fun to have the constant reminder that she's okay. 
I'm sure there are so many things that I'm forgetting! Oh pregnancy brain, you win again.

Hugs and Kisses,
Cami and baby