Monday, February 23, 2015

At last I blog and TEN weeks to go

Who has two thumbs and has been the WORST pregnant blogger ever? This girl!
Holy smokes, you guys, has it really been months since I've last blogged? That's embarrassing. I know you've all been on pins and needles wondering if I'm still alive, so here I am, and I'm going to post TWO posts this week to make up for it. I have a few posts started that I'll share with you guys so if it looks like I'm backtracking in this pregnancy, I am. I'll try to make it as least confusing as possible (least confusing? less confusing?).

I'm almost thirty weeks pregnant.

Let me say that again.


Who else is in semi-shock about this?
I start to have a minor panic attack every time I think about the whole pushing a human being out of my lady parts thing, so mostly I've been ignoring it. I've seen labor, a couple of times actually, so I know what happens, but man, it is a lot scarier when you think about yourself doing it. It will be fine. I won't be able to sit or walk for a few weeks, but hey, who wants to do that anyway right?

Now down to the goodies:

How far along: 29 weeks + 5 days
Total weight gain: I don't believe in weighing myself at home, but a week and a half ago I was up 15 pounds at the doctor's office. I'm pretty sure this little baby waby had a growth spurt last week though, so we'll see when I go back in at 32 weeks. 
Maternity clothes: Ross saved my caboose (literally) and provided some inexpensive stretchy jeans for my growing tummy. So far I have five maternity shirts and one pair of pants. Is it obvious I hate shopping?
Stretch marks: Zero so far. I blame my mother's great genes. And by blame I mean thank my lucky stars. 
Sleep: I haven't gotten up to pee, uh hmm, excuse me, use the bathroom (sorry Mom) since I was in the first trimester. The restless legs have gotten increasingly worse, although, I had that before I got pregnant. I guess I don't have much to complain about. 
Best moment of this week: I {FINALLY} had a patient ask if I was pregnant! 
Miss anything: Being able to wear whatever I want, although, I've got a dang cute tummy to show off these days. 
Movement: The third trimester meant baby started running out of room and the movement hasn't been as constant, but when she goes, SHE GOES! It looks like something is actually going to break out of my stomach. And it's awesome! 
Food cravings: Water and chocolate, but only the weekends. Being pregnant is weird. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!
Have you started to show yet: Oh heck yeah. 
Gender: Girl! 
Other changes: The fatigue is back with a vengeance. So far I've made it through the days by listening to 80's pop and refusing to sit for more than 20 minutes at a time. 

Until next time!
-Cami and baby