Monday, December 30, 2013

Things that go BUMP in the Night

Las Vegas is full of creepy crawly things that sneak into your apartment and hide in your shoes. Utah is full of spiders. Really, I'm having a hard time deciding which is worse. 

I've recently become introduced to the Twitter world and while most of what I follow revolves around pictures of cats and celebrity gossip I do indulge in the intellectual side of things and follow a couple interesting facts sites (are they considered sites or should I call them people?) Daily, more often hourly, I'm offered random bits of trivia. I love it. I love it except when I read things like, 
"At all times, no matter where you are, there is a spider within three feet of you." 
That's cool. I'm pretty much a huge fan of spiders. 
That's a lie.
I hate spiders. They have more legs than me and way more eyes and I'm just not okay with that. 
Saturday night, Matt and I became Spider Killers.  Together we massacred about a million little arachnids in my teenage bedroom where we've been staying. Let's just say I spent most of the night worrying I was going to be carried away by a spider mob while sleeping. Prayers and crossed fingers for our safety would be appreciated. 

Still alive and breathing for today at least,


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Oh hey there, Friends

Hello, hello, hello. Once upon a time, I put in some serious effort to blog while Mr. Lish was recovering in the hospital, but then he came home and I think I was just way too excited to actually tell the blogging sphere about it. Well, he's home. He's doing absolutely incrediblay and is as handsome as ever. We've done some pretty exciting stuff since his grand return from the hospital. We've watched Castle marathons on TNT and made sugar cookies and celebrated Christmas. Obviously, we're a little out of control.

Christmas was by far the best on in recent memory. There is something supremely more exciting about buying and receiving presents from your spouse. It's almost like being seven years old again and getting a Barbie house complete with furniture and appliances!

This is my attempt at the sexy librarian look. As you can tell, Matt's thrilled about it. More importantly, though, we're wearing our new Christmas jammies! Hooray for staying cozy in the blasted cold!


I got this beauty for Christmas! Isn't it "to die for?" I needed a new ring to wear at work (if I ever get a job) because I keep knocking the little diamonds in my actual ring out. As much fun as it is for the Jared's salespeople to know me by name, I'd rather not go in every 2 months. 


Check out that hairy face! Talk about a man! Just try to look past the fact that he's wearing a dress... er... a "robe" and hasn't showered for days... Well, I guess that showering part was only obvious if you were smelling him... which I was. 


Proof that he is alive and well and that I really am growing out my bangs! We're weirdos and think it's hilarious to smile without our teeth. Obviously, we're rocking it. Oh, I got him that Nike hoodie for Christmas, along with a TV and I don't think he's ever been so happy in his whole life, except, for that time he married me, of course. Was that a run-on sentence? Oh, well, it's a blog, not a research paper! 



Sunday, December 15, 2013

Surgery Day Summary

HE LIVES!!! After six hours in the hospital and about 69 snapchats to anyone I've ever met in my whole life, the doctor came out and told us that the surgery went better than they could have hoped and my hot little hubby would be out of PACU within the hour! I swear I heard the Hallelujah Chorus from on high! (Also, please excuse my excessive use of exclamation points. I'm just pretty freaking excited.)
Here he is right after surgery.
So handsome, right?
I don't think I'll ever forget that moment when I saw him lying in that hospital bed. You know how in your mind everything that takes place in the hospital is exactly like Grey's Anatomy? Maybe that's only me. Let me warn you that it is not. I ran to his side and asked in my most cheerful voice, "Hey Babe, how are ya?" Trust me, my least cheerful still sounds like I've won the lottery so I'm sure he was just really excited to hear the twinkling bells in my voice. 
He answered, "Terrible." and closed his eyes. 
I should tell you that Matt is super lucky and has about as much tolerance for pain as Superman does for Kryptonite (nerd alert). It only took until midnight for the pain meds to kick in and his pain level to drop below a nine. NBD. After his family left he grabbed my hand so sweetly and said, "I wanted to say my pain was a ten but I didn't want them to think I'm a wuss." Isn't he adorable? I could just kiss his face a million times. 

Enough of that mush, though, and let me get into the nitty gritty. Matt has Crohn's Disease and that means that his intestines like to be inflamed and irritated all the time. There's a spot where your small intestine meets your large intestine that is called the Terminal Ileum and for some reason that is the favorite hangout for inflammation. Matt has been having problems pretty much since January with pain, weight loss (we're talking 30 pounds in three months), loss of appetite, fatigue, etc. A week after we were married he had a really bad flare up and ended up at the doctor's office in which he was told he probably needed surgery. That was a great moment for me. Ya know, I think I only cried for three months, so I was totally cool about it... Well, we decided to try about every medication we could to no avail. Thus, we find ourselves here.
They didn't tell us he'd be getting "groomed"
before surgery. A hairless tummy is kind
of hilarious.
The surgery  is what we medical people like to call a Hand-Assisted Laparoscopic Ileocecectomy. That's just a big name that means removal of the Terminal Ileum and surrounding intestines. They cut him open in three places. Two incisions above the belly button and one below. One of the cuts was a few inches long- long enough for the surgeon to get his hand inside and feel around. Talk about gross. The surgeon (who is heaven sent P.S.) said that when he got in there he found about 6-8 inches was just solid, "like a lead pipe." As terrible as that sounds I think both Matt and I were relieved that he was sick enough to actually need the surgery. Can you imagine if they got in there and were like, "Oh, uh.... well... I guess we'll just take out the appendix while we're in here since nothing looks too bad...."? That's no good. 
In total Matt lost about a foot of his intestines. As if he wasn't skinny enough... No, really, we feel so blessed and grateful for the technology and experience of those medical professionals that made this surgery possible. The road to recovery is going to be long, but completely worth it. And do you want to hear the best news? The surgeon said that they checked out the rest of the colon and didn't find any other areas of inflammation! Here's to "decades and decades" of good health! 

We told him to smile for this picture. Obviously he's thrilled. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Surgery schmergery

The day has finally arrived and we couldn't be more excited. I can't thank everyone enough for their love and prayers in our behalf! We've already had such amazing nurses and hospital staff which makes such a difference. 

Sleepy eyes, but look how excited he is!! 
We've been watching Boy Meets World as we wait and I just have to say that Feeny is the best! He always has some deep word of wisdom to make you feel better. Well, I'm no Mr. Feeny..... but I say - LET'S ROCK AND ROLL!!! 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WAITING, Waiting, waiting...

We made it to UTAH... and we spent our first morning here hanging out with the doctor. As it is every time you go to the doctor, we had to wait for a bit, so, what did I do to pass the time? I took pictures with my fancy shmancy new phone, of course!

You can tell who the mature one in the relationship is! 

Keeping it real,

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas time in the city

With a big move and an even bigger surgery this Christmas season we won't be celebrating at our house by trimming the tree and hanging some mistletoe. So, while I have a temporary home and a hubby that isn't in the hospital I'm going to take in as much holiday spirit as I can!

Happy holidays to you!


Thursday, December 5, 2013


I'm probably seven years old, but I am obsessed with Disney's newest movie Frozen.
 Try and tell me I don't look just like her!

The red hair. The bangs. The weird faces. 

Freaky, right? 
We're practically the same person and I've never been so excited in my whole life.

Also, please feast your ears on this piece of musical genius.

Thank you Disney for pleasing the child in all of us.

Thanksgiving Tales

Getting married means splitting holidays between families and this year we had Thanksgiving with the whole Lish clan. I mean, thirty five people at a table kind of a clan! I was nervous. I had only met most of these people once or twice and I was expected to share my stuffing with them. I'm not very good at sharing stuffing! But, I put on my big girl pants, and tried to act civil. It was so much fun. No, let me try that again--- IT WAS SO MUCH FUN... and I didn't have to fight anyone for stuffing. Katie brought one of her friends from Thailand who has only been in America for a few months and, heaven bless her, I think she's been scarred for life. She forgot her pajamas and Grandma told her, "Oh don't worry, you can sleep naked! We don't care." It turns out Thai people don't take comments like that very well. We all got a good laugh out of it despite her embarrassment.
Thursday was Turkey Day and we started it off with family pictures. There must be something wrong with me because I love pictures! Getting married was the best decision of my life because I got to pose for about a million and a half pictures that day. Anyway, like it always seems to happen, after about 10 pictures the rest of the family was ready to call it quits and I was just getting my SMIZE down. Tyra would have been proud. Unfortunately, because I'm growing out my bangs I look like a well-dressed sheepdog in most of them. Live, learn, and eat more turkey. 

Here's to the model in all of us,

Merry Early Christmas

Matt surprised me at work on Wednesday with a bit of Christmas to make my day! Not only did I get to show his handsome face off to my lady friends, but he brought me my first present of the season- the iPhone 5S gold!!! Talk about an upgrade! I had been using the iPhone 3 for the past six months, which, actually is the worst. Let's just say I've been taking advantage of the front facing camera. Selfies for days, people. Selfies for days.