Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Love and other nonsense

I was looking through my old posts and remembered how I was supposed to be doing that "post every day in May" thing. Oops! 
Sunday was a special day, not just for fathers everywhere, but for me, too! June 16 marked our third anniversary! I told my BFF Elissa and her response was, "Only three months? It feel like forever!" It does, though, when you think about it. I am so sincerely sorry for you singletons out there because it is ROUGH! I feel grateful everyday that I don't have to share cupboard space with anyone and that all the food in the fridge is mine! Really, being married is kind of fun! I'm starting to understand the whole 'the first year of marriage is the hardest, but the best' thing. Marriage = hard. Paying bills = the worst. Going to bed every night no matter what happened during the day with your best friend = heaven. Even when we want to silently sabotage each other by poring salt in their cereal we can't fall asleep without touching each other. A few times it has been a pinky toe or tip of a finger, but we always make sure to say I love you and reach out for that physical affection. I think that's true love. It isn't perfect, but what it? 


I'm back! I took a temporary hiatus from blogging as I started working but now that real life has set in and I've come to terms with the fact that I have to be an adult now I think I'll make time to blog. Wow, pretend that wasn't the longest sentence ever! How crazy has my life been since San Diego? Uh, insanity doesn't begin to describe it. Matt and I have fallen into adulthood with a heavy smack onto our bed and between work and play we find ourselves crawling between the covers around 9:30 every night. You'd think we'd actually feel rested but it turns out working forty hours a week is exhausting, especially when you're starting out. Somehow we still find time to laugh at each other's craziness, burnt cookies and unintentional wasting of money! Who knew old tvs don't have a place for HDMI cords?! I guess you could say we're just trying to figure out this crazy, beautiful life!