Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Life of a "Sugar Momma"

HEELLLLOOOO!! Can you believe I'm blogging for the second time in a week! Woot, woot! Watch out world, I'm on a roll!
Life has been a blast the past month. As you know, we moved to Utah so Matt could go to BYU and after a few crazy nights we found an adorable, TINY, but completely cozy apartment close to school. We got all moved in and the semester started which meant it was time for me to face the facts and get a freaking job. You know, they tell you a lie when you are in high school/college and trying to figure out what career path to follow. Everyone says, "Be a nurse! You'll always be able to get a job as a nurse!" False. That is so so false! I can't tell you how many nurses I have talked to that have had to search for jobs for months before they found something satisfactory! I know that it's mostly because I'm still considered a new grad, having only worked as an RN full-time for about 10 months, and every single lady and their cat has their nursing degrees in Utah. Nevertheless, (HA! I love using that word) I thought it would be easier finding a job this time around. When I moved to Vegas I applied to over 40 hospital positions with NO luck. It's so frustrating. Here I had a perfectly good license but no one wanted to hire because "I lacked experience." Well, how the crap am I supposed to get experience if no one will hire me? Talk about a Catch 22. Anyway, I lucked out thanks to a kind man that I went to church with and got my awesome job at the women's clinic down there.
Then we moved.
Game over.
So, here I was, anxious to get a job just about anywhere and coming up with a big fat zero. There is nothing more devastating for your self esteem than not being able to get a job. I felt like a loser. I felt like I wasn't trying hard enough, but I didn't know what else to do. I was tired of everyone asking, "So, have you found a job yet?" Yes, I have actually, it just turns out that they don't want to hire me!
I pinned a lot of inspired quotes on Pinterest during that time.
But, I also started doing a lot of soul searching. I started to be religious about studying my scriptures every day. I prayed morning and night. I was doing all of the "little stuff." I told myself, "Cami, you have to do everything in your power to allow God to bless you!" So, I did. Then, guess what happened. I got a call for an interview! I was so excited! And then they called and told me the spot had been filled.
Fantastic. I decided to go back to bed and then I got another call. It was for ANOTHER interview! Imagine my relief. I'll save you some of the more menial details and just tell you that I got the job! I'm a real nurse again! So, now my life is full of early mornings and overused hand sanitizer. I'm working for Peak ENT for this amazing doctor. The company pays for my lunch, my scrubs, and my health insurance! I really am so blessed to be working for and with such incredible people!

Oh, and BTW, I chopped off my hair.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Heart Day

I've been MIA. Sorry! But, I'm back for right this second so let's make the most of it, eh?

I love holidays! I love 'em! I love Labor Day and Flag Day and Arbor Day, so I really really love real holidays that are actually celebrated by the general public. For weeks I plan out each detail so that I an fully partake of the full holiday glory. It's kind of ridiculous, but hey, when have I ever made sense? So, with Valentines Day just around the corner I headed to pinterest (obvs) to get some ideas to make our FIRST V-Day together something my great great grandchildren would talk about! HA!! Totally joking, I'm not that manic....
Anyway, I found this website called that has some AWESOME ideas for you and your significant other. Seriously, you guys, you have to check it out! After browsing for a couple of hours (or maybe more than a couple) I came up with what I thought was a fool-proof plan.

First, I was going to do this:
Cute Valentine's Day candygram [candygram.jpg]
And then, while he was at basketball, I was going to do this:

Living With Thanksgiving: Romantic Valentine Dinner for 2 close and intimate

and this
Easy Caprese Garlic Bread Recipe on looks scrumptious!

and wear something like this:

and we were going to end with... uh.. nevermind....

But, things never go as planned. Never. I don't even know why I expect them to anymore. BUT, have no fears, because they did go a little bit like this: 

I guess we can call this Valentine's Day a success!